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Minimalist in design with an 8mm heel to toe offset, 5.11’s new 5.11 RECON™ Trainers provide an unparalleled platform for your workout. Highly breathable and flexible, the 5.11 RECON™ Trainers feature HELCOR® in high-wear zones for maximum durability.

Forged for Elite Fitness – 5.11 RECON™ Trainers

The new 5.11 RECON™ Trainer is the ultimate lightweight, breathable and durable athletic shoe for multiple conditions. It combines breathable stretch air mesh, with TPU and a HELCOR Rope Ready Zone for maximum performance and comfort. It sits atop our newly developed 8 mm RECON Training platform that promotes a neutral stance that is stable, supportive and allows for full engagement with plenty of room for toe play. Finally, the patent pending 5.11 Blood Type ID Kit* allows for customization and extra piece of mind. Imported.

Additional Features:

  • Medial Rope-Ready™ abrasion-resistant panels
  • Patent-pending 5.11 Blood Type ID Kit*
  • Mid-foot cinch system

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